Wine bottle progress

Here is a picture of my box. The door is not the final version. This one warped when the bars were welded to the frame. I'm slowly sanding smooth the bumps from the welds (see the side's top edge).

Flickr here I come

Week 9 of the so many weeks to being a better blogger has me creating yet another account on a different website. I'm not sure quite how to manage so much togetherness with the internet. Here's my flickr name: Beckimclean1    I tried to find how to post a link to my account, but I gave up after 20 minutes. It's too early on Monday morning to learn navigation on a new website.

Wine bottle redesign

 Wine bottle options for my upcoming packaging project. I really like the middle one and the early 90s clip art feeling of the picture on the front. I have a bunch of ideas for that one. I have some ideas for cupcake and rex-goliath as well. These brands are popular and I always notice them on the shelf.

Moda progress

Week 8: Checking In

Each week I feel as though I must check in at/with:

First and foremost: my parents. Yeah, <enter mushy stuff here> whatever, but we live so far away from each other and they are my main cheerleaders. They've supported me through thick and thin. I know I can always call and they will offer advice or just plain listen. 

In the design world: I don't feel like there is any ONE place. I pull ideas from all over. I'll check out Aiga's website, random design firms in Atlanta, my classmates blogs, my teachers' blogs, the senior designers' websites. I regularly go to for 3d inspiration and cool artwork and for craftier things. On Facebook, I follow some friends who do pretty awesome artwork and some museums around Atlanta, like Art Station in Stone Mountain. 

Week Inspired by doing

I don’t usually have time to read printed things like magazines, books, or journals. I get a few different periodicals, like Bon Appetite and the Sunday paper, but I rarely go to them for inspiration. I browse on the web or search for specific instances of what I’m working on. I’m always looking for something odd on the street to take a picture of or remember for later. Like this morning, I saw some graffiti that had a nice clean typographic design. Color, architecture, reflections, plants, even stains on the concrete all catch my eye sometimes.